A tool that makes testing your C++ code a breeze

Automatic test classes creation

Automatically creates test skeleton

Automatic mock classes creation

Saves time with the automatically generated mocks

Graphic test runner

Endlessly replays and monitors your test results

Blazing fast

Zero overhead on Visual studio performances (no background process building caches, indexes, ...)

Automatically generates your test classes

Right click on your class and select create test skeleton – a new class file containing test cases for each of your class methods is generated

Automatically generates your mock classes

Right click on your class and select create mock class – a new mock class mocking all your base class methods is generated

Run, debug and monitor your unit tests

The test runner window provides you with a centralized view of your tests execution status. Run and debug your tests as many times as needed.

Check the full demo !

Create test, mocks, run tests and debug your tests easily !

Currently, Cepepito only support google test / google mock. I will add support for additional testing frameworks soon – stay tuned !
Cepepito works both with Visual Studio 2017 and 2019. I will provide older version support shortly – stay tuned !